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Academic Events

Events Organised
  • Epistemic Decolonization - From Theory to Practice : A seminar series : Co-organizer. URL.
  • The Initiator's Programme (TIP) 2021- An Academic Philosophy Support Workshop for MA Philosophy students: A collaborative initiative of O P Jindal Global University, Academic Support Cell (Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi) and The Philosophy Project. URL

  • PhilSci Winter School 2021: Co-organizer [PhilSci India Group]. URL

  • Eth.Sci 2021: Symposium on Ethics of Covid-19 Science, March-April 2021: Co-organizer [PhilSci India Group]

  • The Human Side: Symposium on Role of Social Scientists in the Pandemic: Co-organizer [O P Jindal Global University]

Guest Lectures Organised​

  • Kelly Dhru [Co-Founder, Lawtoons and Doctoral Researcher, Universität Hamburg] on "The Complexities around Consent" [29th March]
  • Patrick Lawson [Co-Founder, 3Words Australia] on "I need help" [26th April]
  • Chandni Ganesh [Features Writer, The Daily Net] on "The Gendered Aspects of Covid-19 on India's Economy" [29th October]

  • Kanika Jha Kingra [Senior Policy Advisor and Advocacy Manager, IWWAGE] on "Unpacking Women's Economic Empowerment in India" [28th October]

  • Vikas Datta (Journalist, IANS) on "Marxism: What, Why, How" [22nd September]

  • Bhumesh Verma [Managing Partner, Corp Comm Legal] on "Whistleblowing: Concept, Contours and Safeguards" [30th April]

  • Joel Minden [Clinical Psychologist, Chico Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, California] on "Action Not Avoidance: The Mental Health Benefits of Working Through Difficult Emotions" [8th April]

  • Joseph Firestone [Managing Director, KMCI] on "Using Criticalism in Knowledge Management" [22nd Feb]

  • Denise Kleinrichert  [Professor, Department of Management, Lam Family College of Business, San Francisco State University] on "AI Ethics- Why is AI a Business Ethics Topic?" [16th Feb]

Events Moderated 
  • Does Positive Psychology have a Place in the Pandemic?, by Dr. Pulkit Khanna [Associate Professor, Jindal Institute of Behavioral Sciences], Moderator [CLIP]

  • Ask a Filmmaker Anything featuring Kabeer Khurana, Co-Moderator [CLIP]

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