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My primary area of research is scientific metaphysics. I am excited to learn more about the ways in which metaphysics and science relate, especially the methodological issues that arise in their interactions with each other. Lately, I am concentrating on ontology development.

Along with scientific metaphysics, I am deeply invested in philosophy of academia where I look closely at the role and importance of academic service work, through the conceptual lens of care ethics.


Talks & Presentations

  • September 2020: Workshop talk on "Ontology Development in Scientific Metaphysics: An Eliminativist Stance". Organised by Metascience Group (University of Bristol). 

  • October 2018: Conference presentation on "Individuality and the Source of Violence". Organised by University of Delhi and ICPR. 

  • August 2018: Conference presentation on "Complex Systems Approach to Consciousness". Organised by SCSISCS. 

  • April 2018: Virtual conference presentation on "Numerical Identity: Process and Substance Metaphysics". Organised by Fordham University (NY).

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