My primary area of specialisation is methodological issues that arise in the interaction between metaphysics and sciences. Specifically, I explore two themes:

  • Representational indeterminacy and redundancy of global ontologies, that claim to capture the nature of the world or reality as a whole;

  • Possible replacement of local ontologies, that capture the ontology of specific domains,  by completed versions of scientific theories.

Along with scientific metaphysics, I am invested in exploring the decolonization of Indian philosophy, with specific interest in the revival of Cārvāka philosophy. Cārvāka  is a heterodox classical Indian philosophical system prominent for its naturalistic metaphysics and materialistic ethics. I also explore feminist perspectives on academia, especially care work, through empirical research. 


  • Rajan, Sahana. Forthcoming. "A Case for Conservative Ontology Development in Scientific Metaphysics". Philosophical Inquiries.

  • Rajan, Sahana, Jayshree Jha. Forthcoming. "Ćarvāka: A Metaphysically-Grounded Materialist Ethics". Philosophy East and West. 
  • Rajan, Sahana. 2019. “Fundamentality and Conditionality of Existence”. Tattva Journal of Philosophy 11 (2):1-9. URL.

Talks & Presentations

  • September 2020: Workshop talk on "Ontology Development in Scientific Metaphysics: An Eliminativist Stance". Organised by Metascience Group (University of Bristol). 

  • October 2018: Conference presentation on "Individuality and the Source of Violence". Organised by University of Delhi and ICPR. 

  • August 2018: Conference presentation on "Complex Systems Approach to Consciousness". Organised by SCSISCS. 

  • April 2018: Virtual conference presentation on "Numerical Identity: Process and Substance Metaphysics". Organised by Fordham University (NY).

Doctoral Research

During my doctoral research, I worked on the metaphysical evaluation of Ontic Structural Realism. Further, during my previous research period (MPhil), I have explored the relation of mind to brain, through complex systems approach. My engagement with structural realism began with the inclination to understand the ways in which different sciences represent our world, specifically the claims of unity and disunity of sciences. In line with the contemporary debates, I have researched and metaphysically evaluated Ontic Structural Realism, introduced and developed by James Ladyman, David Spurrett and Don Ross. My doctoral thesis engages with this position, examining objections and possible rejoinders.