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I am deeply invested in developing and implementing collaborative projects that contribute to an academically fruitful and supportive environment for students and researchers. I am currently a moderator of Indian Philosophy Network, a platform for academic philosophers in India. 

Making philosophy relevant to the contemporary issues excites me and I am currently involved in a few projects that reflect the role of philosophy during a crisis situation. I am the Organiser of In Limbo Conversations, a blog-series of conversations with philosophers about the pandemic. This project is done in collaboration with Alan Isaac. Previously, I have also developed and maintained an extensive bibliography of philosophical publications on the pandemic with Jef Delvaux (York University).

Invited Talks 

  • February 2021: Workshop on "Writing Philosophy" [KREA University]

Social Community 



Along with academic community outreach, I am committed to spreading awareness about mental health and gender-sexual identity. As a non-binary pansexual, I recognize the importance of a safe space to be vulnerable and to nurture one's identity. Queer-n-Care is a platform for artistic expression of mental health experience of queer community. This project is done in collaboration with Deepshikha Sharma and Maithri Porwal. For more details, check: 

Invited Talks 

  • May 2021: Panel discussion on mental health, "Exhale: The Inner Journey"[AIESEC India]

  • October 2021: Talk on "Mental Health in an Unequal World" [College of Vocational Studies, University of Delhi]

Institutional Administrative Community 

Administrative Positions Held

  • 2022:

    • Assistant Dean, Dean's Office, Jindal Global Business School, O P Jindal Global University

    • Faculty-In-Charge, Parinde [Jindal Queer Society]

  • 2021:

    • Core Member, Centre for Learning and Innovative Pedagogies (CLIP) at Jindal Global Business School

    • Member, Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD) at Jindal Global Business School

    • Faculty-In-Charge, Allure (Jindal Fashion Society)

  • 2019-2020: Member, Academic Support Cell, Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi

  • 2019-2021: Member, Departmental Seminar Committee, Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi