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I am deeply invested in developing and implementing collaborative projects that contribute to an academically fruitful and supportive environment for students and researchers. I am currently a moderator of Indian Philosophy Network, a platform for academic philosophers in India. 

Making philosophy relevant to the contemporary issues excites me and I am currently involved in a few projects that reflect the role of philosophy during a crisis situation. I am the Organiser of In Limbo Conversations, a blog-series of conversations with philosophers about the pandemic. This project is done in collaboration with Alan Isaac. Also, I am developing and maintaining an extensive bibliography of philosophical publications on the pandemic with Jef Delvaux (York University).

Along with academic community outreach, I am committed to spreading awareness about mental health and experiential aspects of queer identity. As a queer pansexual, I recognize the importance of a safe space to be vulnerable and to nurture one's identity. Queer-n-Care is a platform for artistic expression of mental health experience of queer community. This project is done in collaboration with Deepshikha Sharma and Maithri Porwal. We are currently launching Winter 2021 Issue on the theme "Snowflake Pride: Queering Happiness", in partnership with AIESEC India.